Sr Item Compliance Status
1 Details of business Yes
2 Terms and conditions of appointment of independent directors Yes
3 Composition of various committees of board of directors Yes
4 Code of conduct of board of directors and senior management personnel Yes
5 Details of establishment of vigil mechanism/ Whistle Blower policy Yes
6 Criteria of making payments to non-executive directors Yes
7 Policy on dealing with related party transactions Yes
8 Policy for determining ‘material’ subsidiaries NA
9 Details of familiarization programmes imparted to independent directors Yes
10 Contact information of the designated officials of the listed entity who are responsible for assisting and handling investor grievances Yes
11 email address for grievance redressal and other relevant details Yes
12 Financial results Yes
13 Shareholding pattern Yes
14 Details of agreements entered into with the media companies and/or their associates NA
15 Schedule of analyst or institutional investor meet and presentations made by the listed entity to analysts or institutional investors simultaneously with submission to stock exchange NA
16 New name and the old name of the listed entity Yes
17 Advertisements as per regulation 47 (1) NA
18 Credit rating or revision in credit rating obtained NA
19 Separate audited financial statements of each subsidiary of the listed entity in respect of a relevant financial year NA
20 Whether company has provided information under separate section on its website as per Regulation 46(2) Yes
21 Materiality Policy as per Regulation 30 NA
22 Dividend Distribution policy as per Regulation 43A (as applicable) NA
23 It is certified that these contents on the website of the listed entity are correct NA
24 Disclosure of notes on website in terms of Listing Regulations explantory [Text Block]

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